A striking phenomenon captured in the Colombianthe tunnel

Striking phenomenon that no one has found yet
rational explanation, captured on May 17 in the Colombian city
Medellin. The authors of the video below are local.
рабочие, планировавшие осуществлять ремонт в транзитном the tunnel под
Cauca River. Men suddenly noticed how in the twilight of the underground
the structure rises and falls the road – almost to the arch,
clasping the walls.

An incomprehensible yellow anomaly arose sharply from asphalt, as
some incredible huge bubble, and just as quickly fell down.
Having witnessed such a mysterious and frightening spectacle, the workers
refused to enter the tunnel that day.

Some Internet users say it was bizarre
optical illusion, that’s just how it is so clearly
captured on video ?. For others, the culprit is strange
underground activity. Others say they are talking about
the phenomenon of supernatural nature.

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