A swarm of incomprehensible objects flying against the backgroundThe moon

The striking video shown below was captured 29
July this year, an amateur astronomer from Rome. However,
the Italian has just now decided to send out amazing stuff
ufologists Why – no one knows, but, for sure, this person
there were some reasons.

When the video appeared on YouTube’s popular video hosting site,
immediately became a real little sensation.

A man used an expensive video camera with a powerful
lens to capture the natural satellite of the Earth. AT
a certain moment our hero was surprised to notice how amid
the lunar disk rapidly flew a large dark object
spherical shape. Behind him soon came another such UFO. BUT
then an astronomer witnessed how, against the backdrop of Selena, across the sky in
dozens of such people moved synchronously in the same direction
mysterious cosmic bodies!

Needless to say, the Roman was amazed at what he saw before
the depths of the soul. According to the astronomer, he takes off the night sky without
a small decade and a half, but the man has never met
before anything like that. The author of the video emphasizes that
repeatedly seen in the lens of his camera flocks of birds and flying
mice, space junk and satellites speeding against the background of a complete
The moon. However, то, что он запечатлел нынешним летом,
strikingly different from all this – ordinary and
of natural.

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