A tank-like object found on a satellite photoThe moon

Ufologist and virtual archaeologist Tyler Glockner from United
Королевства обнаружил на спутниковом снимке поверхности The moon… танк.
At least, the object found by the expert is very similar from above
on an armored fighting vehicle about 60 meters long and wide
about 40 meters. It is a rectangle with rounded
corners on which other flat symmetric forms are visible. All this
gives the impression that we have a heavy tank with several

As a bonus to your virtual space discovery
Glockner invites viewers to familiarize themselves with at least another
mysterious material that can be found at the beginning of the presented
below the video. Ufologist reports that some French recorded on camera
sounds heard from the sky. They looked like something like the roar of a horrible monster
not the noise of a fantastic mechanism.

All this независимый исследователь, уфолог и виртуальный археолог
cites as an example that we live in a world that is full
cosmic and even earth mysteries about which many of us do not even
suspect. However, all these manifestations of the “mysterious
Being, one way or another, have an impact on our lives. For example,
The moon still does not give rest to the governments of the leading countries of the world, and
the veiled race for its colonization continues, although
It is not known how all this will turn out for the inhabitants of the Earth, if this
space object is the base of aliens.

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