A terrible triangle appeared in the sky of the stateLouisiana

In America, more and more strange celestial phenomena began to appear in
as geometric figures, which is contrary to the laws of physics, if
to attribute this to natural phenomena, such as clouds. Although, as
asserted by some researchers of paranormal phenomena, and clouds
often manifest themselves as rational creatures.

However, judge for yourself, the Americans did not have time to get scared of the huge
translucent rectangular (surprisingly) fantastic
an object in the sky that appeared here not so long ago as you –
new mysterious “gift”. Теперь в штате Louisiana образовалась
incomprehensible huge shadow in the sky and again in the form of a triangle
with well-defined sides, which is unnatural for nature. Yes
still with the same unnatural lighting.

Many Americans, frightened by the last hurricanes and
earthquakes, thought it was a sign of approaching new
natural disaster. Others remembered the planet mysterious and
the terrible planet Nibiru, which conspiracy frighten the inhabitants of the Earth
that’s how much time (and she, well, does not arrive). Third
They thought about the armada of aliens, because their ships are supposedly about
must begin to seize our planet – and this will certainly
happen first in the US (at least the Americans think so
based on their horrible sci-fi movies).

Whatever it was, but the black triangle in the sky really
It looks mysteriously terrible, especially when you consider that
Meteorological scientists cannot intelligibly explain it. And all
Fables about cold and warm air currents today are few
whom convince …

It is worth noting that the mysterious celestial phenomena today
observed in many parts of the world (see video below).
Conspiracy therapists, for example, link this to the work of the HAARP project,
built in Alaska is unknown for what purpose, rather far from
those officially announced. For example, it may well be
the reptiloid project to strengthen the Earth’s protective field created by
they once (about 13 thousand years ago) with the aim to cut off the consciousness
people from the information bank of the universe, making us practically
defenseless zombie slaves. Recently, however, it
the field has become thinner due to the awakening of the consciousness of people
boost clean energy. Here it is necessary to patch the Anunnaki urgently
this “protective screen”. Hence all the weirdness in the sky. But,
as claimed by these researchers, the time of the domination of reptiloids
coming to an end, and no projects like HAARP will save them. BUT
therefore, you should not be afraid of today’s “heavenly signs” – they are no longer
frighten the Anunnaki themselves …

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