A third of the soil on our planet is no longer suitable forAgriculture

Another disappointing statistics voiced by scientists. By their
According to the words, about 33% of all soil on our planet was dropped for the current
moment of circulation due to pollution, salinization, acidification,
sealing, erosion, leaching of organic matter and other
human exposure to it. According to researchers from
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations if
this trend will continue, the real world is coming

Healthy soil is a renewable resource, however
the creation of its centimeter layer goes a whole millennium! Now
imagine how easy a person is able to cross out this
long and painstaking work of nature. The soil provides us with food
as well as clean water and invigorating air. Its current pace
degradation due to human activity, according to
UN experts question the possibility of our descendants
meet your most basic needs.

Без пригодной для Agriculture земли человек не сможет
get 95% of the food they eat today. I.e
theoretical future generations may face unprecedented
hunger and, as a result, extinction. Healthy soil cleans
colossal amounts of water and absorb carbon dioxide. Soil fertility,
that is, its ability to provide plants with nutrients
substances, air and moisture, is one of the most important conditions
the existence of life on earth.

Experts report that degradation and pollution
the surface layer of the pedosphere of our planet can be stopped if
today (without delaying this problem indefinitely) start
reasonable exploitation of land resources. In particular, rural
The farm must stop using pesticides and
antibiotics that poison the soil. Alas, most countries on Earth
lives by the principle “after us even the flood”, therefore it is naive to believe
that world farmers will rush to help the environment at the expense of
their fabulous income. Rather, they will do everything.
possible to aggravate this problem, naively believing that they and
their descendants of high-quality food, pure water and
fresh air is always enough. But is it?..

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