A time of great change: a forecast for 2018 fromTamara Globa and Zulia Rajabova

In an exclusive interview with the TV program magazine, the famous
astrologer Tamara Globa spoke about what awaits our world in 2018
year and the next seven years, since from the upcoming spring, as
shows stars, a new seven-year period begins, which can
name the most important for the development of Russia, as well as the time of large
change for the whole world.

If you take exactly the coming year, says the astrologer,
The most difficult moment will be the end of January and the whole of February. In it
the time of controversy in the world is so aggravated that the probability
the big war will be felt in everything, from saber-rattling
arms and ending with prewar political demarches. The world will freeze
at the peak of waiting for the worst. But … the worst will not happen.

The upcoming seven years of turbulent change will affect in the first place
the economic world system that global shocks are waiting for.
Everything that previously seemed stable for Europe will be soapy.
bubble, familiar patterns and patterns will literally crumble.
This will lead to the breakdown of established ties and fellowships, as well as
the formation of completely new associations based on
fundamentally different principles of economic cooperation. Of Russia
it will also be difficult, but she will find the strength to stand on
legs, and the upcoming 2018 is only the beginning for a stormy
economic growth of the country, reaching a completely different level.
The process of economic transformation of the Russian Federation successfully completed by 2025
year – just in time for the upcoming seven-year cycle.

Difficult times are waiting for Ukraine, but from 2018 it will begin
seek friendship with Russia, and this will favorably affect its
further fate.

Since the interview was mainly about economics and money,
Tamara Mikhailovna was asked about cryptocurrency (especially
youth are concerned) – what is it and is it worth trusting Bitcoin?
The astrologer replied that this was a test of the new economic scheme. She is
too unreliable, and therefore investing in Bitcoin today is not
worth it. There will be a lot of new economic and currency schemes, and
Bitcoin will soon become obsolete.

Zulia Rajabova on a time of great change for the world

Well-known psychic and magician Zulia Rajabova, who more than once
showed her accurate predictions for the future with the help of fortune telling
on the cards, the coffee grounds and the crystal ball, states that
будущий 2018 год станет для Of Russia годом выбора достойного
President, a strong politician whom the whole world respects.

And although Zulia does not specifically name Vladimir Putin, many
I think they will think about him, and not only in our country,
but also abroad. With this choice, says the witch, much in the world
connected in terms of waiting for the future. West hopes to be in charge
Of Russia станет снова их марионетка, благодаря чему можно будет
again, as in the nineties, shamelessly and with impunity rob
our country, dictate its own conditions and policies. But this is not
will happen, and therefore the US and Western European countries will have to
adapt to the realities of life, that is, to change themselves, and not
try to change Russia for themselves. This will be a time of great
change in the world – change for the better. Although 2018 will be only
началом обновления мира, и для Of Russia он будет далеко не легким,
like 2017, the economic situation will be especially tense
second semester…

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