A tiny cloud floated down the road and soared intosky

The video below was taken a few days.
back by an unknown motorist in an unknown part of the Earth. TO
Unfortunately, there is as little information as possible on the Internet.
this incident, but there is a whole movie shot by an astounded eyewitness.
And this one is not bad.

Mysterious shots demonstrate something similar is not tiny
a little cloud that floats right along the street, then
soars into the air and continues to fly over the road in the same

Of course, not all users of the World Wide Web believe in
that it was a real cloud. The clouds obviously so not myself
lead Many network regulars have speculated about the huge
a piece of cotton, lather, and the like.

TOомментаторы, склонные верить в сверхъестественное,
suggest that we can talk about a ghost, some kind of entity from
parallel world or failure in the Matrix.

There is also a theory about intelligent clouds (read more
about this by reference), in this case, everything is explained very simply:
the cloud just came down to play on the road, or even to
prevent accidents, and then, completing its task – flew away.
For example, in Hong Kong, the mysterious clouds in the spring of this year even become
attack taxi drivers by causing quite a stir in the city so that
Not everything is simple with these cloud creatures …

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