A tiny “space sailer” will fly toProxime Centauri

Well-known inventor Andreas Hein and his colleagues in
the team of “space travelers” carries out in the present
moment a very interesting project: his group of scientists is developing
miniature ship capable of reaching the planet – Proxima

As soon as this exsoplanet was opened last year, it is there
same attracted the attention of many scientists working in the field of space and
space research. And this is not surprising
since Proxima Centauri is in the habitable zone,
theoretically, it may well be water, oxygen, and therefore
biological life, including intelligent.

A minizond of Andreas Hein, who already has his name invented
�”Andromeda”, can reach the alluring planet in just
several years, since until Proxima Centauri is only 4 light years away
(some 40 trillion kilometers, as scientists joke).

But the team of Andreas Heine intends to manage such a flight with
using a laser beam. True, as the manager himself explains,
such a laser should accurately indicate the correct direction of the ship,
since even the smallest beam shift would jeopardize the entire

According to the plan of the researchers of the far space, “Andromeda” should
stay near Proxima Centauri for six days, having managed for this short
the term “squeeze out of the planet” maximum information. The idea, of course,
risky, and the project manager himself agrees. But how
it says who does not risk …

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