A tourist brought a piece of Mount Uluru and, faced withunknown, decided to bring it back

Steve Hill, a resident of the Scottish city of Stirling, says that
recently visited Australia and did not fail to go to the famous mountain
Uluru. A man found there a bright orange stone, which decided
take home as a souvenir. Soon with the traveler suddenly
accidents began to occur.

The tourist quickly realized that the fault was precisely what he had brought from
trips splinter mountains. Steve found out on the Internet about a legend that
says that every person who has disturbed Uluru’s peace will comprehend
damn it. Now our hero is convinced that he is on his own
negligence was one of those people.

Mysterious incidents began to happen to Hill before
he returned from a trip home. For example, when a man was driving by
one of the Australian roads, out of nowhere appeared a whole
a flock of kangaroos who began to throw themselves into a frenzy
car. By changing the rented vehicle –
damaged by the whole, the Scotsman did not have time to drive a dozen
kilometers before the car broke down the engine. What are the odds
such a coincidence?

Being currently at home, Steve experiences daily
various troubles: a vase will fall from the shelf, then
important files will disappear spontaneously, then the police
write him a fine for no apparent reason. According to the man, live like this
resolutely impossible, and something needs to be done. A few days ago
The Briton almost got under the train at all, miraculously jumping back from the tracks in
side at the last moment. However, he argues that
some unknown reason did not even hear the approaching

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