A treasure that I asked for, but was neverreceived

This very unusual story told resident
Dnipropetrovsk, retired Anna Vasilyevna Lyakhova.

During the war, her family, which, besides little Ani, consisted
from mother and sister, was evacuated from Ukraine and for some time
lived in the Tyumen region. After the Victory, all three returned home;
Ana was then eight years old.


Once again in their native village Novoselovka, the mother and
daughters saw a terrible picture. All huts were abandoned, farmsteads
and vegetable gardens are overgrown with weeds. But what to do? People little by little
began to settle down in the same place: they conquered the earth from weeds,
they helped, with what they could, to each other – in short, they learned to live again …

One morning, Anina, my mother, getting up early, was weeding out in the garden
weeds. The girls were still sleeping. Suddenly, Anya heard a heart-rending cry
mother and woke up in dismay. Bursting into the house, the woman is loud

Wake up, rather wake up!

After getting dressed in a hurry, the sisters jumped out into the street, but nothing
not seen the terrible.

Mysterious child in the grass

A little regaining consciousness, the mother told the girls what had happened.
Lost in thought, she went into the thick of weeds and began to chop him
chopper. Suddenly a woman very close heard a baby crying and
rushed in that direction. A baby crawled out of the grass to meet her.

He was about two years old by sight, tearful, disheveled, all
dirty and incredibly snotty: from the nose and flowed green
by the stream. He stretched his arms to the woman, and at the same time he had a throat
something wheezing. Frightened, the mother rushed into the hut for all
moral help …

About ten times the girls and their mother searched the entire vegetable garden thoroughly, but
never found any baby. In the end, the children decided that their
mothers just had a dream. And the woman herself has already believed
in it.

It was a sign that you have a treasure in your hands.

But then a neighbor came running up to the noise in their yard and, having learned that
happened to shake her head

Oh, Tanya, what happiness have you missed! After all, this was a treasure!

What treasure? – mother was taken aback.

Yes, the real! He came to you, stretched. You had it on
take hands or even wipe sopelki! .. And you ran away. Now
this treasure again went to the ground.

Mother and daughters were very surprised, not knowing how to treat words
neighbors. But after some time, they learned that the people there
such a belief: some people, hiding large treasures in the ground,
they spoke to them, that is, they determined the day and the hour when their treasures
come out of the earth to be used. It is possible that
dirty, snotty child who suddenly appeared and without a trace
then disappeared, and in fact promised Anina family wealth. Yes,
apparently, the mountains of gold were not destined to them …

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