A unique cat is for sale in Russia -for 5 million rubles

A resident of Kemerovo (Russia) put up for sale an unusual cat, for
which he asks, no less than 5 million rubles. In what
the uniqueness of this pet and why it is so expensive
worth it?

The cat, of course, a rare and noble British breed, however
the breed and the price of this “Murzik” are in no way connected with each other. So
the high cost of a cat is explained, as the ad author indicates,
extrasensory abilities of the animal. The cat, supposedly, is capable
see any phantom formations that may settle or
temporarily appear in the room, he not only sees them, but even easily
determines how these or other spirits are dangerous to people.

Immediately the owner of the cat gives an interesting example that once
he and his wife wanted to buy a house, but started up in this dwelling
the psychic cat immediately retreated backwards and with his whole appearance
knows how to do it on “excellent”) showed that the house with evil spirits, and
therefore, it is dangerous to enter it. As it turned out later, in this hut
she lived a sorceress, and not just a healer, namely, evil
grandmother witch.

Kemerovo believes that such a unique cat can
purchase ghostbusters, professional psychics and
other people who are engaged in the research of mystical phenomena.
By the way, the man even agrees to some bargaining – within
reasonable of course.

Just do not understand how you can sell your favorite
pet (and even with such unique abilities) for
Any money, which in essence is an illusion and dust? Especially in
situations like wise say enrichment at the expense of spirituality
another living thing almost always turns around full
a collapse, that is, if a Kemerovo citizen even gets
�”Magic” cat millions, they will not bring him and his family

This is if the cat, in fact, is
a unique medium-medium, most likely, an interesting reincarnation. AT
Otherwise, the case smells like ordinary cheating – and here
only the buyer may suffer. True, not very much – just
5 million rubles …

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