A unique festival of young people was held in Kirovinventors “bionic”

The uniqueness of this event was not only that
it was held here for the first time, although it is very remarkable, more important
another: at the heart of all the children’s inventions that were shown on
this competition, the main source of inspiration was not the technique
(already available or considered in science fiction books and
films), but nature itself.

The guys were presented to the judgment of the audience and the strict jury
all sorts of crafts, ranging from innovative clothing and ending
robots, but they were all “peeped” in nature. For example, young
inventors co-authors Yakov Koryagin and Ilya Abramov (see video)
demonstrated the robot parrot “for grandparents”, which
can make a great company for an older person talking to
him, helping him on occasion and just replacing home
pet, and this “bird” practically does not need any

And although the artificial parrot was still in development,
The guys believe that in the near future they will definitely release
such a great helper for old people. Robot young
inventors impressed jury members who
unanimously awarded him first place.

Here is what the senior methodologist of the center says about this event.
environmental education palace of art “Memorial” of the city
Kirov Lyudmila Balakhnicheva:

What is interesting bionics, which formed the basis of all
submitted by school students? Bionics considers nature
as an inexhaustible source for all sorts of inventions, as
proved 19 contestants. The first festival can be said to be
successful, even exceeded all our expectations, now we will be with
impatience to wait for the second “Bionics”, to wait and prepare hard for
him And the creative potential of the guys hoo what! Especially since
for some young Kulibins “Bionic” may become an intermediate
link or even springboard in the career of the inventor, because the best
The work of young technicians, fashion designers will be sent to Moscow!

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