A very bright mysterious light in the sky causedpanic in a colombian city

At one time, the famous journalist of the Colombian newspaper The City
Paper Richard Emblin has posted some photos that
like lightning scattered around the world. He demonstrated
mysterious yellow object in the form of “eight”, sparkling in the sky
over the city of bogota. As explained Emberin himself, an unidentified flying
the object after take-off stopped under the cloud, constantly changing its
form, and then retired to the south. Colombian journalist followed
UFO to the airport and noted that it was not even an object, but rather
all, two – and that’s for sure not planes or helicopters, not even
balloons or drones. What then?

However, such strange UFOs and other unexplained phenomena in
Colombia continues to this day, and the authorities do not react to
it is as if nothing is happening. This forces conspiracy therapists.
make an assumption that there are alien bases here,
and the authorities of the country are in collusion with the aliens. Here and at the beginning of this
For years, residents of the Colombian municipality of Ocaña have witnessed
as a bright mysterious object appeared in the sky, which again caused
numerous calls for the authorities to comment on what happened.
After all, people are really scared …

Alien invasion of aliens?

A strange event occurred on January 2 in the Colombian city of Ocaña
Department of North-de Santander. Many residents, of course, were frightened
of this fiery “sign,” but at the same time recording it on
video, so we can see what it is.
Videos of this strange celestial fire quickly became viral in
social networks and various video hosting sites.

Some Colombians seriously considered this to be the promise.
extraterrestrial intrusion by conspiracy therapists, so the mysterious light, according to their
opinion could emit a spaceship. Others are sure
that our earth is under constant observation from
Higher races of the universe, which constantly appear in our world.
There were also those who claimed that it was a divine vision,
showing the impending end of the world …

As seen in the photographs (see also video), in the night sky
a bright yellow light flares up over the Colombian city. UFO like
flashes and then quietly disappears, leaving no trace. Object like
clarified witnesses, disappeared near the neighboring town of Aguas
Claras However, some residents of Ocaña believe that a bright object
was not an alien spacecraft, but just an incomprehensible flash in
the night sky, perhaps even of terrestrial origin. How about this
wrote, for example, witness Dixon Florez Castro on his page
on Facebook:

The light came most likely from the special lighting used in
time of military exercises. Such flashes for a certain period
time, most often small, illuminate large areas at night, as
usually for airborne assault or some kind of observation. In that
Day the sky was in the clouds, but because such lighting has acquired a special

Despite the realistic assumption of Castro, the authorities
did not comment on what happened, and the military did not take on
responsible for the flash in the sky. Therefore, amid this silence
Conspiracy theories about the collaboration of the powerful
aliens most Internet users seem quite

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