A video about the Chinese invisibility cloak causedconflicting opinions

We invite you to watch an interesting video about the Chinese
invisibility cloak that has recently appeared on the Internet. Demonstration
just exciting, and therefore this video in the most
Celestial viewed (specifically on the social network Weibo) already
tens of millions of citizens.

This video is perceived somewhat differently by Westerners.
Internet users. Let’s just say: with healthy skepticism. Not
adds confidence even such an accompanying clip

The invisibility cloak impressed the Chinese so much that
even became interested in the deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department
The PRC Ministry of Public Security, Chen Shiqui, declaring that
such an invention would be very useful to the military. It is not quite
ordinary, and quantum fabric, made of unique
transparent material, and therefore able to reflect the light wave
around the person, making him invisible.

Indeed, the video can be seen as a Chinese
unfolding this invisible cloth and literally disappears behind it, although
the vegetation behind this transparent screen is visible

However, this alarmed the meticulous Internet users.
Why disappears only man behind the cloth, and not everything else (this
it is not clear, since the mechanism of such
how it works and why it works).

Notкоторые заметили, что прозрачная ткань должна бы что-то
reflect, for example, the same Chinese who show it
transparency, and this is not, as if he was a vampire. The way is not the same
important because of all the properties of this fantastic fabric no one
knows But why does it glare across the surface with some kind of double
light points, which makes it, though transparent, but very
noticeable? Notужели это сделано только для демонстрации, чтобы
have a more reliable effect? Very suspicious …

If you look at the comments at least only Runet, where
This intriguing video appeared, then negative opinions
much more than positive. This is understandable: above development
the invisibility cloak, scientists of all countries have been fighting for many years – and for now
for nothing. And here … And once a demonstration to the whole world is unknown from
who …

However, judge for yourself, because the video caused a wide
resonance on the Internet, we just can not get past this
events bordering on either fiction or fantastic
a hoax …

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