A video appeared on the Web with a stranger sitting in�”Flying saucer”

Representatives of the ufological YouTube channel “Men in Black”
published on January 5th of this year an amazing record.
Mysterious video depicts a low humanoid creature
заходящее по трапу в �”Flying saucer”. When the “green man”
it turns out to be inside, the “plate” soars into the air and flies away,
hiding behind the trees. The clip is not too high quality and
looks like something shot back in the 90s of the last century.

Unfortunately, ufologists can not provide any information
about who, when and where this material was received. Channel Authors
report that the record was sent to them by e-mail unknown
a person who has not written any comments. Naturally,
professionals have great suspicions that this is fake, that is, video
was obtained as a result of abundant installation. However,
researchers of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations still decided to lay out
video on your channel so that the World Wide Web users could
speculate on what the mysterious frames represent and
are they genuine.

There is one more point here, experts assert, fake lovers
usually act very differently, they do not send them to solid
ufological organizations. Besides, all that is shown on this
video, it could well be, and maybe it really was …

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