A video from the 1950s has appeared on the Web sincered-hot flying saucer

In the spaces of the famous video hosting “YouTube” appeared
mysterious video made in the 50s of the last century
and depicting, presumably, the flight of this “flying
plates “aliens.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see some
a testing ground on which old aircraft are circling and
an unidentified flying object, “torn out” as if from
sci-fi movie. Ufologists “dug out” this material in
some kind of secret archive and posted on the Internet as one of the first
documentary evidence of the existence of ships

Most likely, the author of this striking video is
popular Swiss explorer Billie Meyer. Official science
still considers him a charlatan, but the ufologist himself claims
that since the age of five contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations. In confirmation of his words, the specialist provided
dozens of photos and videos with “flying saucers”
aliens. According to Mayer, the Nordic interact with him.
aliens pleiadians who fly to our planet from
measurement, located 80 light years from diffuse
star cluster Seven Sisters.

Colleagues now 80-year-old guru of ufology say that
The video below is incredibly rare and valuable. BUT
the thing is that at the end of the roller is a plate-shaped aircraft
�”Green men” suddenly turns, “heated” in
plasma state. Even the most experienced and experienced
UFO researchers admit that this can be seen very rarely and
all the more to capture on film. According to reputable ufologists,
transition to the state of ionized gas allows interstellar
alien ships to reach superlight speeds and
move to other dimensions and spaces. On the other hand,
This entry is a good proof of presence.
aliens on our planet since in the fifties of the past
centuries of this technology from earthlings certainly did not and could not

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