A werewolf could start in Norilsk

From the Russian Norilsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory receive messages
that a dangerous predator has appeared here, and possibly a werewolf.
In social networks it says that he allegedly attacked three

The photo below was taken by a local resident.
from the window of his car. The picture shows an alleged wolf,
which runs right outside the houses on a city street. Picture
quickly spread through many sites Runet.

Norilsk rescuers confirm that in the central region was
recently spotted a lone wild wolf. Specialists are asking citizens
be vigilant and watch out for minor children.
Intelligence agencies carefully combed the entire city, but did not find
predator. Maybe that’s why rumors about
that it is not a wolf at all, but a real werewolf.
Say, one of the locals or visitors turns on
nights in the beast and thirsty for blood. Hunters are also puzzled – by their
According to him, there should be no wolves in the vicinity of Norilsk
would these animals come close to people, especially to wander in
city ​​alone.

Patrols are still looking for an animal, but to no avail. However,
if it really was a werewolf, the rescuers are unlikely to succeed
neutralize it. And perhaps we are witnessing the birth of another
urban legend, partly based on real events. AT
the city could really be a hungry wolf that
time will turn in the stories of the Norilsk people into a fierce mythical
a monster tearing its victims to pieces.

Is it even possible to kill a werewolf with the help of modern
weapons? On one of the sites of Runet published interesting material
like a military man who was returning late in the night on a deserted
the road from the garage cooperative, chased a monster. The man
at first thought that it was just being caught up by some passer-by, but
when the stranger’s steps became too hasty and somehow
mysterious, the military turned around and … distinguished in the darkness that this creature
runs after him on all fours, and even very cleverly goes through his paws.
ATыхватив пистолет военный приготовится защищаться, однако оборотень
immediately jumped to the side of the road and disappeared in the dark, rustling
roadside bushes. That is, they are still afraid of weapons. And not
once the werewolf was hit, then it turned out to be, say, a neighbor with
bandaged arm and so on (more details about werewolves
see the video below).

So the residents of Norilsk should think about their
security, armed with at least a traumatic weapon, they write
some users.

ATсе это сказки, отвечают им скептики, бродит по
Norilsk is some kind of stray dog, and from this make noise, that is,
from a fly mold an elephant.

You’re going to sculpt here and not just an elephant, right there parry
other users of the Internet, every year in the world without a trace
millions of people disappear. Where do they go? ..

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