A whole island unexpectedly disappeared in Hawaii

Employees of the American Fish Conservation Service shared
with the world community unusual news. Recently in Hawaii
Hurricane “Balak” passed, and after it, experts unexpectedly
found that under water in just one night a whole
Isle. The length of this land area was about a kilometer, and
width, however, is only about 120 meters. Despite so
modest size, Vostochny Island was important for local

Here, for example, there were monk seals that were under
threat of extinction. There are no more than 1,400 of these left in the world.
animals. In addition, half of the entire Hawaiian
The green turtle population, which is also very rare and
in every way guarded by the US authorities. Now it is not known where
seals, turtles and other endemics will breed their offspring.
Despite the fact that while the incident is not regarded as
catastrophic, wildlife protection experts
suggest: in the long run, the disappearance of the island may
привести к вымиранию некоторых видов animals.

Meanwhile, climate scientists are looking at what has happened with even more
pessimism. According to the words of reputable scientists, we have
A great example of the effects of climate change. Melting glaciers and
various cataclysms may well lead to the fact that more and more
land on our planet will sink into the oceans.
The saddest thing is that the governments of major powers like the United States, Russia
and China are in no hurry to deal with global change in any way

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