A woman captured a video of a ghost in herhome

�The Chris Moyle Show is a popular British
radio program. Every weekday morning residents of the United
Kingdoms send Chris tweets, facebook messages, photos and
videos containing potentially interesting presenter
information. Moyle selects the most interesting messages from
listeners and discusses them live with their colleagues and
invited guests.

A few days ago, an email transmission came
an unusual video that immediately caught the attention of the presenter and his
teams. Moreover, the recording really scared some
radio studio staff.

This video was shot by a certain woman who wished to remain anonymous.
At first glance, this is an unremarkable home video,
which shows dogs running to the camera. However if
take a closer look, you can see an incomprehensible dark
a figure quickly slipping near the doorway in the rear

According to the British, she played in the living room with her pets and
recorded them on the camera of the smartphone. When the woman looked
the resulting record, she suddenly saw in the corridor a human
silhouette, slipped into the bedroom. In addition to the hostess and her favorites,
home никого не было.

Frightened woman went with the dogs to the street and allowed
from there to the police. Police officers arrived at the call inspected
the whole house, however, did not find there any offenders or traces
unauthorized entry. When the mistress
showed the guardians of the law this video, they are very
were surprised. One policeman even suggested that it was a real one

Real phantom or hoax?

Chris Moyle and his colleagues not only discussed the mysterious video, but
They also shared it with Facebook regulars. Users
social networks left under the record a lot of feedback. Some commentators
agreed that the camera came from the next world. Other
they thought it was a hoax, and the usual walked along the corridor
person. However, mystifiers usually set some goals.
in front of them, for example, they want to become famous thanks to such
video, make money from it. Nothing like this
the case of the British is not observed. Especially, as specified
Chris Moyle, the woman really called the police. And with the police in
Albion is not joking …

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