A woman has given birth to 18 children in 18 years.

40-year-old Ugandan Mariam Nabatanzi is considered the most prolific
a woman in her own country, and most likely in the whole world. For your
life she gave birth to 44 children that many of us probably will seem
pure fiction or exaggeration. Especially given that
for the first time an African became pregnant by the standards of her country rather late
– in 22 years.

However, this is true. Over the past 18 years, the usual
a resident of the village of Kabimbiri in the central part of the country gave birth
six pairs of twins, four “sets” of triplets, three
�“Sets of fours, and also gave birth to singles eight times
children 38 of them are alive and well to this day.

Most of the Mariam offspring, as is easy to calculate, are still
then minors. They live with their mother in a common house, and,
despite the fact that our heroine raises them alone, she somehow succeeds
provide such a large family with everything necessary. At least,
her sons and daughters are always full, clothed and have a roof over

Nabatanzi says her life has never been easy. AT
12 years she miraculously escaped death after parents
tried to poison her. Because of this, Ugandan was forced into
so young age to marry a 40-year-old man who
constantly spread his arms and treated her like a naughty

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