A woman is suing a California government because ofBigfoot recorded on video

Crestline resident in California filed a lawsuit against
state governments to make officials recognize
the existence of Bigfoot.

Claudia Ackley says she set off last March
camping with my daughters. Once near Lake Arrowhead,
American women, they said, saw a bigfoot in a tree. Woman and
the girls say it was a huge ape-like
a creature three meters high (or somewhere around it). According to estimates
Claudia, the monster weighed at least 350 kilograms. He had
absolutely black eyes and thick red hair.

One of the daughters of our heroine allegedly even managed to capture
legendary primate on the camera phone. Including submitted
below the video, you can see footage from that hike
eyes. Among the trees near the forest road at some point
you can really consider something like a high shadow, however
what it is – a living being or a paradyolic illusion, –
hard to say.

When Ackley turned to a local forester, he said that
this is probably a bear. Then Claudia gained support
professional yeti hunter Todd Standing. At first
The specialist was skeptical of the woman’s words, but he looked
On the video received by travelers, I immediately noticed on it

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