A woman noticed a “capsule with a humanoid” in directon the ISS

Arizona ufologist, known by the name of Michael and pseudonym-niku
MrMBB333, shared with his followers curious

A few days ago, the researcher received an email
the letter to which the picture was attached. Wished to stay
An anonymous compatriot told an American that she looked straight
broadcast from the webcam of the International Space Station and
unexpectedly noticed something unusual on the air.

According to the puzzled woman, the camera captured over
a random ridge a strange object suspiciously similar to
some futuristic capsule. The most amazing thing inside
the intended capsule, behind a transparent door or lid,
The silhouette of a certain humanoid creature was visible. Alas, the author
finds were not able to record what he saw on video, because
just made a screenshot from your computer screen.

Of course, when MrMBB333 laid out the material sent to him during
The World Wide Web, many web users have read that it is
about an anthropomorphic alien creature in an aircraft.
Some commentators suggest that we have one of
representatives of the divine people of the Anunnaki from the Sumerian-Akkadian

Other Internet regulars hypothesize that
MKS camera lens got something much more scary and dangerous than
ordinary representative of an extraterrestrial civilization. But what is it,
no one really defined it. Representatives from NASA is definitely
have not yet responded to this publication on the Internet,
although conspiracy therapists and ufologists are convinced that not even the smallest
a note about everything related to space does not pass by
special services of this American agency …

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