A woman noticed a ghost in her daughter’s crib

Like many other modern parents in the West, a resident
English county Norfolk Bonnie Moore has acquired a video nurse to
watch your baby. In the room of her little daughter Atia
the camera is installed, and on the bedside table near the parents bed
surveillance monitor. Thus, the Briton, lying at night in her
beds can always keep an eye on the baby to be sure
her safety. And the other day something happened in the family house
resembling a scene from a Hollywood horror movie.

Moore says she woke up a few days ago from thirst and
went to the kitchen to drink. Back in bed, woman
Automatically I looked at the screen of the baby monitor and was horrified. According to
Englishwoman, there was something behind Atia in the crib
resembling another child or an ominous doll. At the same time, other
Bonnie and her husband have no children, and their daughter sleeps without any toys.
Our heroine, being in absolute shock, once photographed
monitor to get evidence of what he saw, and ran into
daughter’s room. However, the girl was alone in the crib, peacefully
she was asleep and her mother did not notice anything unusual in her room. Moore
told reporters:

My husband and I tried to find what happened
rational explanation, but failed. We have no idea what it is
was, and what we do now. It is well imprinted on the picture.
Our daughter is above, back to the camera. Behind her lies this
a thing with dark eyes and curly hair. She seems even
looked at the lens and smiled! Needless to say that such
our girl has no creepy dolls, and we would not let her sleep
with extraneous things. We are very scared of what happened. Probably,
Should I call a priest or medium to the house?

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