A woman oddly foresaw her winnings.in the lottery

38-year-old resident of the English town of Whittlesey, which is located in
Cambridgeshire, mysteriously predicted its own
large cash win. It all started with the fact that Charlotte Perth
made fun of her spouse Daniel, telling him that
выиграла in the lottery 250 тысяч фунтов стерлингов.

The delighted man soon realized that he had been played, but did not
became angry as charlotte and daniel constantly teasing
each other, thus bringing fresh trickles into their monotonous life.
However, a week later, something unexpected and truly happened.
amazing. Наша героиня получила звонок, что выиграла in the lottery
whole million pounds!

It turned out that the last one and a half pounds that lay on
a pair lottery account brought Pertham the equivalent of almost
90 million Russian rubles. And we are talking about the famous
British national lottery, all prizes are not subject to
taxes and are paid immediately in a lump sum.

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