A woman politician claims to have abducted her.aliens

Candidate to the US Congress Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera has done quite
an unusual policy statement. According to a Miami resident,
childhood, she, like many other earthlings, was the victim of abduction

Giving interviews to reporters, now a 59-year-old member of the Republican
the party said that at the age of 7 she was taken aboard
spacecraft pale creatures with large bodies. On the ship
there were seats, located around, and strange stones like
quartz from which warm energy emanated.

Soon Aguilera was brought back to Earth, and after that she
several times went on telepathic contact with aliens.
And then representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization stopped contacting
a girl. Если aliens и обследовали ее, то никак ей не
hurt Any supernatural abilities like
Bettina says she interacts with “green
little men, too, did not receive.

It’s amazing to hear such a story from a serious person.
in politics. However, for America this is by no means nonsense. Loser
presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised to reveal
the whole truth about aliens to the world if it wins the election because
All my life I have been interested in this question and, I suppose, it’s not
There was no specific experience, like what we described.
Another thing is that often public people turn to this topic.
only in order to PR, attracting interest to his personality.

It is possible that the words of Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera no more than
invention, as well as loud reassurances of Hillary Clinton about his intentions
regarding aliens. According to conspiracy, no one
will allow the US president to say more about the aliens than they should be.
There is even the opinion that the famous and still not fully disclosed
The assassination of President John Kennedy happened only because
what he wanted and even already set a date for disclosing the whole truth about
aliens in front of the american people.

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