A woman received an MMS message fromSveta

Mexican Gina Mihai was very scared when on her
she saw a MSM message on a smartphone … from a deceased grandmother.

Gina instantly recognized her native face, the woman only embarrassed
vagueness of the image as if the grandmother was shot through
some kind of “water” shell. But the strangest thing that struck her granddaughter
in the image of a deceased relative, a snake on her neck or something very
like a snake.

Gina Mihai appealed to the witch for an explanation of the received
MMS, и так подтвердила, что послание пришло с того Sveta, а змея на
neck of the deceased means only one thing: the unfortunate woman was not in
the best place after death, apparently, for the sins that committed
in life. And now she asks me to pray for her
sinful soul. On the other hand, this message, the fortune-teller continued,
can serve as a warning to your beloved granddaughter so that she
I understood that she could wait for her in the next world if she would lead
unrighteous life

После полученного MMS-послания с того Sveta Джина и другие ее
relatives also sought advice from a priest who
advised them to conduct certain Christian rites, then
distribute 40 days of alms for the rest of the grandmother’s soul, in order to facilitate
her fate in the afterlife, which they did with all
the responsibility of true believers.

Amazing in this case is the multimedia itself.
a message from the thin world of the dead: this is the only known so far
case from the time humanity acquired the ability
transfer pictures using mobile gadgets. If you recall
as some researchers used to catch and learn radio voices
dead, it turns out that the technical advances of our
civilizations can be used not only by the people themselves, but also by their souls,
leaving the mortal body.

It remains only to believe that in some remote (or not
so distant) the future people can even communicate with the dead,
the way we communicate with each other today through,
say, skype, that is, not only hearing, but seeing his deceased
interlocutor. Now, of course, it seems fantastic, but … who
can confidently tell us how it really works
The universe and what kind of connection is really possible between ours and the subtle
the other world …

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