A young couple watching someone throughWhatsapp

A loving couple from Novorossiysk faced a mysterious
a phenomenon: a “bashashka” settled in their phones, which is not only
interferes in the correspondence, but also clearly follows the young people.

Here is what Eleanor told:

On that day, we corresponded with Arthur by
программы Whatsapp. This is a very private message, when suddenly I see
that my boyfriend gets a message from me that put me in
a real stupor – I’m still the fool! But I did not write such nonsense!
When we met with Arthur, we realized in our phones
�Porteigist “settled down”. He even described in detail our
the upcoming dinner, and already in the kitchen he asked me not to take the phones to
the room – obviously watching us through them.

The girl even recorded a short video about all this, which you
can see below.

And although modern man is not without faith in mysticism, he also
understands that mobile technology can become a toy in sneeze
unscrupulous hands. And because Eleanor on the same day
contacted the communications provider, explaining to the staff the situation. But
the provider assured the girl that from his side there is not and cannot be
no “doubling” of SIM-cards and other weaknesses of the “boundaries”.

However, as soon as the material appeared on the Web, to love
couple, as, however, and to all mobile users
addressed the head of the department of computer technology Kuban
University Igor Grishin. He explained that hack someone else’s phone
A schoolboy is also capable today, and you can even be watched
If the machine is turned off. The only thing is that somehow
guarantees the interruption of such surveillance – taken out of the phone

Internet users also advised Eleonore and Arthur
immediately call the police, giving the peace officers everything
required data. But были и другие поучительные советы, например,
someone in his commentary suggested that this is actually
�”Barashka”, which could somehow get into the phones
lovers and thus make contact with them.

It scares us, this Internet user writes, that
someone follows us, something is up to something bad, it can steal data,
for example, a bank card and so on. But мы при этом совершенно
do not think that every person is under constant
supervision of higher powers, for example, the same guardian angel, not
to speak of the souls of our dead relatives and friends. Therefore
commit unseemly deeds without even realizing that we are
This time someone is watching. Maybe this “someone” just learned now
use mobile communications to “reach out” to us? Or even
playing with us, demonstrating in such a way that we are under
constant monitoring by representatives of that

Recently on our site we wrote like a Mexican Gina Mihai
received an MMS message from her late grandmother. Maybe thin
The afterlife really begins to penetrate our reality,
using mobile technology? ..

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