Abnormal cold turned Niagara Fallsinto an elegant illusion

And although the abnormal cold of North America created many problems
for its inhabitants, it has its charm, especially in
New Year’s celebration. For example, the famous Niagara Falls,
which froze more than once in the winter season and thus demonstrated
dead greatness before Christmas, this time showed something
mysterious – graceful illusion of frozen water.

All this attracted to the state of New York, USA, as in the Canadian
the province of Ontario, numerous tourists wanting to admire
this magical sight. This is how the most romantic describe it.

The waterfall is not frozen at all, its flow is not only well seen and
heard, but felt, and at the same time, the mist
turned into an ice “cobweb”, settled on trees and stones,
creating the illusion of the dead kingdom. But this kingdom lives and “breathes” –
just a fantastic sight! Usually, the frozen Niagara attracts
the attention of thousands of people coming here to admire this miracle but
the illusion of a frozen waterfall is much more impressive and
attractive This is just a sparkling paradise, which is also
continues his endless song of falling water …

And for most New Yorkers, this kind of cold
real tragedy, not for nothing yet December 28, Bill de Blasio, who
is the mayor of the metropolis, warned citizens about the impending
cold and even urged not to go out without special need,
keep pets out and behave more
more cautious.

How does it fit with 10 – 12 degree frosts, Russian people
don’t understand. He is more impressed by those who are traveling to
Niagara Falls, and from any, even the warmest point
Earth, and enjoys this amazing frosty charm –
real icy beauty of nature.

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