About a Thai girl born with a talisman inarm

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country dominated by
buddhist religion. The vast majority of the inhabitants of this country
faithfully believe in reincarnation and passed down from generation to generation
legends about the incarnation of the human soul. Very interesting
a story that happened here relatively recently, just a few
decades ago. Today she is told to us by a local writer.
Wen Zheng, who collected in his time many myths and real
facts about metempsychosis.

Prophecy and the monk’s gift

So, one Thai woman met once higher
Buddhist monk who saw something unusual and
spoke to a stranger.

The elder handed our heroine an amulet and told her that when she
reborn, this talisman will certainly remain with her. Woman
thanked the hermit for the gift and continued to live normal
Thai life, gradually forgetting this strange encounter. TO
unfortunately in middle age this woman is critically let down

Caught on her deathbed, she, as you might guess,
remembered the monk and his mysterious gift, asking the youngest
sister bring her an amulet. Our heroine told her sister that
thanks to this subject will surely return to our world. Maybe,
she didn’t have absolute certainty about it, however authority
The elder was undoubtedly encouraged by the unfortunate. Woman скончалась, и
relatives, following her request, buried (cremated) her together
with a talisman.

Birth of an amazing girl

Less than six months, as the younger sister of the deceased for the first time
got pregnant after many years of marriage. Happy couple considered
it is a miracle, because all this time unsuccessfully tried to conceive
baby But imagine their surprise when they witnessed
even more miracle: the one in the hands of the newborn girl
the most amulet! Baby tightly squeezed him in a tiny palm and
She refused to part with the subject until she fell asleep.

Shocked parents could not come to their senses for a long time. Of course
they quickly realized what had happened. After a couple of months spouses
decided to examine the urn with the ashes of a cremated sister
new mother. TOак и ожидалось, пара не нашла там ничего
superfluous. The talisman simply disappeared from there, as if he was not there.
never. The younger sister felt that her daughter was
the reincarnation of her sister, that is, the monk’s prophecy is in fact
come true.

What has the little Thai turned into

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