About alternative energy sources: severalmore and more frankly. Part one

At the end of the XIX century the great Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev
I was horrified when I realized that humanity intends to use
oil is mainly in fuel quality. It’s all one, he said,
that drown the stove with banknotes.

Oil around the head

Indeed, the other day, for example, appeared in the media and the Internet
quite “loud” information that the Japanese found at the bottom of the ocean
near the island of Minamitori huge (almost limitless) reserves
rare earth elements, without which today is unthinkable to develop
high-tech industries. Since 70 percent
REE is still being mined in China, then dependence on the Middle Kingdom
technically highly developed Japan has always felt. And so…

However, REEs, as claimed by independent scientists, are contained in
oil, and extract them from it is much easier than from ocean silt
Pacific Ocean. Then why such a fuss about this? And the noise is like
always, in the form of a distracting maneuver, as a departure from the truth to the region
purely commercial interests of a handful of the world’s rich.

It is for this reason that pure energy, about which so much
conversations and debates at all levels of modern scientific thought, to
so far no one needs, and the perpetual motion, as was considered, and
considered “impossible in principle.” Although both are so
are needed today by a world that just suffocates in direct and
figuratively, being planted from the end of the last century on
�”Oil needle”.

To invent Perpetuum Mobile or fly to Mars – what

In this case, it seems that any invention, and especially
perpetuum mobile, should cause at least the universal
glee, and the inventor of his become an outstanding personality of ours
the planets.

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. As shows
practice, nowadays is easier to fly to Mars than to invent and then
to break through the patent on the perpetual motion machine. Moreover, the reasons for the boycott
Perpetuum Mobile has both objective and subjective:

  • Firstly, the postulate suggested from the school bench works
    perpetual motion in principle is impossible, and therefore to the inventors
    Perpetuum Mobile has been and remains the most skeptical;
  • secondly, the inventors themselves of such engines most often
    fear that others will use their discovery, and therefore not
    they are in a hurry to make it public;
  • thirdly, oil and gas world tycoons are not interested
    in the appearance of perpetual motion and other alternative sources
    energy. All this can undermine their power, but while they have it
    hands, these people (or nonhumans) will do everything possible so that in our
    The world is left as it is. By the way, today’s “joyful
    boom “around solar, wind, biofuels, and so on
    the same oil magnates create because these types of renewable
    energy can not compete with oil, gas, and therefore completely
    safe for the world elite. And at the same time, she seems to be “for
    progress”. But perpetual motion is another matter entirely;
  • fourthly, the appearance overnight in our world is eternal and
    inexhaustible sources of energy will simply destroy the modern
    economy and lead to a global catastrophe, and this
    self-regulating system simply can not afford. Always in the world
    work objective equilibrium forces that block
    premature inventions at the level of the so-called “higher
    forces. “

To invent or not to invent?

What should inventors do in this case? Maybe not at all
need to push into the world of new, advanced, unseen before?
However, the fact is that a person is so constituted that he simply cannot
live without inventing. And because someone will certainly look for and
punch new, gradually promoting progress, no matter
what obstacles and even deadly dangers.

In this case, the inventors themselves in no case should not be afraid
that someone discovers their discovery. The fact is that, as they said
always wise, ideas (including brilliant ones) are in the air, and
therefore available to everyone. Man as claimed by the great philosopher and
the founder of integral yoga, Sri Aurobindo, cannot compose
(create) even the simplest thought, otherwise he would already be God. Person
literally every last word that occurred to him in
including the most amazing discoveries, receives from the data bank
The universe.

Genius is the one who is able to snatch the very thing out
advanced and best to date. So if you invent,
for example, the same perpetual motion machine and put your discovery in
a long box, then be like a fool who was given a chance, and he to them
did not use. Tomorrow is an invention from the Ecumenical Bank
will extract the next genius. Not by chance some great inventions
They were made almost simultaneously by several scientists …

However, let’s go back to inventions that supposedly already
they ask for our world, and he resists them in every possible way. That’s about it.
we’ll talk in the next article, that is, in the second part of this
of opus

To be continued

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