About alternative energy sources: severalmore and more frankly. Part two

In the first part of this opus, we just raised the question
the prematurity of some inventions. Let’s talk now
more about this.

Forewarned is forearmed

As the inventors and innovators themselves say, they are often
face clear resistance to their discoveries. Moreover, in this
It’s impossible to suspect the powerful of the world who
unequivocally interested in this or that discovery not
appeared in the world. There is something else.

For example, Evgeny Krylov from the city of Perm is sure that they can
work only “higher power.” They first gently warn
scientist (the forms of such a warning can be very different, in
depending on the circumstances, the invention itself and
human), then they begin to interfere in every way, put sticks in the wheels,
because of what the inventor is experiencing all the great difficulties in
bringing your brilliant idea to life. For example, Muscovite
E.Papushin says that his unique installation was first
it is not clear by whom and how it is broken, then it is also mystically stolen. BUT
since this did not stop the inventor, he was simply deprived
means to continue the business, as, indeed, normal
existence, after which he finally gave up and … stopped. AND
as soon as it stopped, life immediately improved …

Scientists in this case are fanatical and absolutely “blind”, because
too passionate about their brilliant ideas. BUT потому они просто не
notice such warnings “from above” until, as they say, thunder
burst out. So, V. Mikhailova from Novgorod was stopped only by a sudden,
and the very mysterious death of a mother, after which he realized that
�”Not going there.” As a rule, if the inventor does not understand such
serious “clues”, he gets into an accident, an accident and so on,
becoming disabled or even dying.

Premature geniuses just clean

ANDзобретателей, слишком опередивших свое время, часто просто
�”Clean.” AND хотя со стороны это выглядит порой явным криминалом,
in fact, the same work of the “higher powers” ​​is carried out. Remember
what Judge Wargrave said in the film “Ten
Little Indians “: God willing to punish us, mortals, by our own
by hands.

We all heard (read) that the ingenious inventor Nicola
Tesla managed to create free energy and learned how to transmit it without
wires. However, few people know that already in 1914 this experience
repeated Russian scientist Filippov, who was confident that his
discovery will stop all wars on Earth, for they arise,
in essence, always due to the redistribution of energy resources
(valuable minerals). Literally shortly after this discovery
a humanist scientist was found murdered in his personal account. Neither doctors nor
gendarmes were unable to determine who and how did it
unique kill …

BUT вот еще один интересный случай. Некто BUTндрес, эмигрировавший в
СШBUT из Португалии в 1917 году, вскоре предложил миру уникальное
fuel for cars: it came out of the water, which is enough
it was to add a few drops of fluid invented by the Portuguese.
A specially created scientific commission on this occasion confirmed
гениальность данного изобретения (на необычном горючем BUTндреса
successfully passed the rally “Washington – New York – Washington”), and
fuel itself was considered much better than high-quality gasoline
or alcohol. ANDзобретение у BUTндерсена вскоре было куплено одним из
нефтяных магнатов СШBUT за 2 миллиона долларов (фантастическая по тем
times amount). However, the lucky newly-born millionaire after
this just disappeared. AND человечество тут же постаралось забыть об том
fantastic source of energy. Tell me where is it now? Someone about
did you hear him? ..

By the way, there are hundreds of such examples in the world. BUT может, и десятки тысяч,
Hundreds are among the famous, who have received a wide public
resonance. At first glance it may seem that in all these,
mostly cases of crime
this (the Illuminati), in every way interfering with brilliant inventions
make our way into our world. For example, you can recall the hydrolysis
установку термоэмиссии гениального изобретателя AND.Филимоненко,
R. Clem’s unique fuel-free engine, quartz source
electricity Russian scientist V.Sobolev and a lot more then. Everything
without exaggeration, these great discoveries were bought up or even
destroyed, and the authors themselves were left with a nose. It is at its best.
in the worst case, they most often died, and certainly when
strange circumstances.

But do not forget that in this world there is nothing accidental,
and if we consider that the inventors themselves felt not only
real, coming from, say, the authorities or the secret services, but also
some kind of mystical pressure preventing them from promoting their idea in
life, you come to a logical conclusion: premature inventions
just do not let in life. Not allowed because they appeared
ahead of time.

Probably for the same reason alternative energy sources
truly effective, limitless and almost free (in
unlike the energy of the sun, water, wind, and so on), no one has yet
needed, and ingenious inventions are inhibited in every way.

A few words about the artificial braking of brilliant

As you, for example, such an interesting fact: in the sixties
the last century, Japan asked the USSR government to sell it
all refusal applications that have collected dust in the storage of the patent office.
The leadership of the Soviet Union refused in this ascendant country
sun, and without any explanation. What do you think,

However, Japan itself is not too far in this regard, if
говорить об искусственном торможении гениальных inventions. So,
here in 1986 was demonstrated just a unique car
which spent only 44 milliliters per 100 kilometers
gasoline (!), think about this figure, because on average it’s
distance modern cars need 8-15 liters of fuel on average in
depending on the engine power. AND где эти японские сверхэкономные
cars (or motors to them)? ANDх кто-нибудь в Стране восходящего
did the sun produce after that? Never…

If we talk about some mysterious resistance
to premature inventions, then in this regard the researchers
differ on their conclusions. Some are convinced of the divine
the origin of such oppositions, others sin on
aliens, which is not for nothing that the ancient inhabitants of the earth were considered gods.
In any case, if the powers that be and undertake some
steps to keep out the ingenious inventions of the world, in particular
free and limitless sources of energy then do it also
�“At the behest of” the higher forces that are above us all. ANDллюминаты —
the same pawns in this interesting game that we call life. AND
no need to idealize them too much, and especially to be offended by them.
On offended, as they say in Russia, carry water (that’s where
it turns out, an inexhaustible source of free energy) …

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