About mysterious luminous balls over the graves

Eyewitness stories that were seen on the graveyards
balls, a lot. What it is, no one knows. It seems to be not ghosts –
in the form to which we are accustomed, just some kind of spherical
education. But why exactly over the graves do people notice these balls
more often?

Mysterious balls above the graves sees a psychic and fixes

On those warm May days, psychic Vyacheslav P. had a chance to be in
business trip in the city-hero Volgograd. On Victory Day on Mamaev
mound gathered a lot of people.

… Sounds of mourning music floated above the earth, people laid wreaths to
mass graves of soldiers who fell in the battle of Stalingrad. Suddenly
Vyacheslav noticed that strange ones were flying out of one such grave.
orange balls. They climbed up and hung over the crowd,
lined up with a garland. Looking back, the psychic saw that above
other graves hover similar balls. Obviously nobody
except Vyacheslav, did not notice these objects, because otherwise in the crowd
the panic would start …

… In July 1991, the Russian scientist AK Priyma received color
photo from his Tokyo colleague
paranormal phenomena Miaki Komatsu. A photographer captures a woman
and two children squatting near the headstone. And above
they were soaring orange balls caught by a Japanese lens
�”Fancy” camera. The most amazing thing was that the balls
formed in the air in the Latin letters “U”, “J”, “I”. Having studied
a snapshot, a Russian scientist concluded that this is a coded
a message from otherworldly forces, just what does it mean? ..

Mysterious balls in the life of Konstantin Pokrovsky

The following two stories “on the subject of spherical phantoms” happened
with Nizhny Novgorod photographer Konstantin Pokrovsky.

The first occurred many years ago. Once Constantine
invited to someone’s wedding for a festive shoot.
Digital cameras at that time have not yet entered our lives, instead of them
used conventional film cameras. Showing films
Kostya discovered that all of them are corrupted, and the matter is that some
round white spots.

Constantine still printed the pictures and began to magnify
consider “marriage.” With increasing strange spots looked
balls floating in the air. Upset photographer remained
Only apologize to customers and return the money to them.

Finding the newlyweds was not so easy. Your honey
a month they spent in the north of the region, in some kind of God forgotten
little village. There and sent Constantine his true “Niva”.

In a tear-stained woman, dressed in a black mourning dress, which
met him at the gate, Kostya hardly recognized the recent bride. She
immediately recognized the wedding photographer. �”Now we don’t need any
snapshots, ”the woman said bitterly.

It turned out that her young husband was killed by some unknown person.
Konstantin recalled that the father of the groom was a crime boss. AT
In this case, the son may have been the victim of a banal criminal
disassembly. ATидимо, и сюда новобрачные приехали не случайно: они от
hiding someone.

But what are these mysterious balls, fixed
a camera? Maybe spirits of deceased relatives,
�”Flown” on the wedding to look at happy
newlyweds or notify them of the coming separation? ..

AT другой раз Константин Покровский встретился с шаром, так
say personally. AT июле 2007 года Костя и его жена находились на
cottage and drank tea on the veranda. ATначале шар появился на крыше, затем
decreased and, sitting on the table, began to rotate smoothly, emitting at the same time
quiet rustle.

ATнезапно Костя утратил ощущение времени. He could not
answer how long the rotation of the amazing ball lasted – an hour
or a few minutes. Constantine asked his wife if she sees
something unusual on the table. She replied that, besides the cups, there
there is nothing. «ATизитер» для нее оставался невидимым.

But finally the ball soared up and began to make such
movements as if he was calling for him. Obeying him, Constantine
I got up, left the house and, having started the car, drove for the “newcomer”.

The road was not long and took three hours. End point
travel turned out to be a churchyard near the village Pochinki. ATыйдя из
cars, Kostya followed his “guide” on foot, and he led
him to one of the graves. Topped with a crooked wooden cross,
she looked long abandoned. On the darkened cross Kostya with
I read the half-rubble by inscription: “Pokrovsky G.Ya. 1874-1918.
When he looked up, he saw that his ball had disappeared somewhere.

For several months, Konstantin was engaged in searches in the archives and
finally found that his great-great-great-grandfather Gregory rested in the grave
Yakovlevich Pokrovsky, village priest, shot after
Revolution Chekists. His family left for the city and tried to sweep up.
traces, fearing accusations of kinship with the “counter-revolutionary

Kostya corrected the grave, put up a good monument with an inscription about
that his great-great-grandfather died in the dungeons of the Cheka. Truly amazing and
It is touching that a ball is an invisible binding substance between
the world of the living and the dead – led Constantine to the grave of his native
man, prompting him to learn about the life and death of his ancestor and
place of his last refuge! ..

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