About the collision of the Earth with Nibiru is written even inBible

As the mysterious planet X or Nibiru continues to worry
minds of supporters of the cosmic apocalypse, which with the inevitable
allegedly approaching fatality, then some researchers of this
phenomena of a cosmic scale have even found him confirmation in

For example, the ufologist Mattiah Gleserson, having studied the Old Testament,
made a statement that there are lines in scripture concerning
Planet X, which must destroy all life on Earth. After
other researchers of this issue took up the Bible,
which confirmed the words of Mattiaus. According to the biblical
to prophecy, the Most High created not only the Earth, but also its twin
(this twin was accepted by researchers for Nibiru). Double
Earth must certainly collide with our planet, destroying on
her chaos and sinfulness – this will be the Armageddon, which
will cleanse humanity of all its vices.

However, the dangers of Planet X, which allegedly approaches
The solar system (or already entered into it), the researchers argue
not only relying on the holy scriptures of Christians, but also leading
scientific arguments.

Biblical prophecy confirms scientist

For example, Ethan Trowbridge, who is an ex-employee
The United States Geological Survey claims that, working
more than ten years in the US government department, had access to
classified information, including the planet Nibiru, which is
actually exists and will certainly collide with our “blue
ball “, destroying it.

However, according to Trowbridge, Nibiru is not a planet, but a whole
system consisting of a dwarf star, revolving around
seven small planets. The scientist himself had to
determine the influence of this star system on climate and seismic
Earth setting. Through numerous calculations, Ethan came to
concluded that the convergence of the Solar and Nibiru star systems will cause
catastrophic changes on our planet. It is significant
sea ​​level rise, sharp temperature fluctuations exclusively
on all continents, intensive melting of glaciers and other natural
planetary scale cataclysms.

According to Trowbridge, humankind’s chances of survival are very
little, unless he was mistaken in some calculations. But such
the probability is minimal, there is practically none …

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