About the duration of the day and a half billion yearsback and about the moon which then was not

No one can really say why American scientists
it took to find out the duration that were on our
the planet and a half billion years ago, but the study itself showed
that such studies, on the one hand, reveal many
juggling in science, and on the other hand, they prove that under the necessary theory
you can fit anything.

For example, today the rate of separation of the moon from
Earth – 38 millimeters a year. At the same time, the Earth, thanks to the lunar
tide gradually slows down its rotation, and therefore it seems that
easier to calculate the duration of the day, which was one and a half
billion years and then the orbit of the moon around the blue “ball”.

However, it was not so easy. If you push off from
today’s numbers of the Moon’s distance from Earth, then a half billion years
back of Earth’s natural satellite just shouldn’t be: he
would be so close (estimated) that our planet broke
его на части (проф. С. Мейерс из UW-Madison).

Then the moon did not exist then that has long been confirmed and
without these calculations because, according to ancient manuscripts and
legends (legends are not born from scratch), it was not on
the sky even a few tens of thousands of years ago, not like
one and a half billion. But American researchers are “uncomfortable
data ”(we have“ awkward artifacts ”in academic science,
�“Inconvenient data”, not to mention “inconvenient scientists”) decided in
attention not to take. Naturally, they dropped both theories about
the artificial origin of our “natural” satellite,
which differ only in one who did it: one of the oldest
civilizations of the earth itself, preceding humanity, or
aliens? And this is despite the fact that it is the Americans
proved that the moon is hollow and buzzing when struck, like a metallic
bell (artificially created from a titanium shell). And this
again in spite of the enormous contribution of American researchers
of all stripes, including NASA employees, in the theory that the Moon
occupied by aliens, that Selena is essentially their huge base.
or even an interstellar ship …

However, all this did not bother professor of geophysics
University of Wisconsin-Madison Stephen Meyers, who
headed this group of American researchers, and therefore
what he writes in the PNAS magazine:

To understand the true processes that influenced the rotation
Earth, we took into account not only the cycles of the Serbian astrophysicist Milutin
Melankovitch (influences of the Sun and the Moon), the theory of “orbital chaos”
of the Parisian astronomer Jacques Lascar (numerical studies of the evolution
SS planets are meaningless for huge periods of time), but also
studied stones, one and a half billion years old, for example,
sedimentary rocks of the Xiamaling formation in the north of the People’s Republic of China, as well as samples from
Whale Ridge in the South Atlantic Ocean. Thanks
To this we have developed a new method that allows us to correlate those
or other astronomical data with geological discoveries. All this
will help us to “look back” to the distant past of our planet with the
to better understand the causes of today’s climate change.

However, as noted by many experts, from the article by Meyers, where he
with such aplomb calls the figure of the rotation of the Earth a half billion
years ago (18 hours 41 minutes), it’s not at all clear how this will help
us understand today’s geological and climatic processes on
the planet. Moreover, juggling some facts and blatantly ignoring
other, many scientists simply puzzled: why this study
was it necessary? Is it only to prove that in
Is that far our planet rotated a little faster? But
even the figure mentioned is highly questionable, not to mention the value
such a half (like a customized) study …

However, articles about this are generously scattered around the Internet.
�The “scientific discovery” of a group of American scientists (led by Stephen
Meyers), which is issued in these publications as something very
significant in exploring our planet. That’s really all
relatively …

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