About the Japanese restaurant for cannibals: howfake news is born

Information that the first restaurant in the world has opened in Japan
for cannibals, circled almost all the media, not to mention
all kinds of informational Internet resources. But let’s follow
the birth of this piquant, exciting, but in fact
fake news.

Cannibalism in Japan? Yes, easily …

First of all, it was due to the fact that Japan
really not quite an ordinary country, and frankly speaking
– not at all like the Western world, where, as they say
Europeans, including Russians, anything can happen
any absurdity and phantasmagoria. After all, our imagination is amazing.
that in the Land of the Rising Sun there are practically no sexual
crimes, however, in the crammed city
transport to girls with frankly sexual intentions – here
so commonplace that the megalopolises even have to
for example, in the subway to install cars “only for women.”

That’s why the news that the first restaurant opened in Tokyo for
Edible cannibals may have shocked a man
European mentality, however, did not alert, but can
is to be at all? And then in the article as if briefly mentioned,
that cannibalism is allowed in the Land of the Rising Sun since 2014
of the year. Moreover, the Japanese were allegedly practically allowed to sell
their “edible bodies”, say, deadly
car accidents, thanks to which their next of kin receive
for this compensation in the amount of 35 thousand eurodollars (and immediately
is given to compare prices in the restaurant “Edible Brother” – from a hundred
up to a thousand eurodollars per serving).

Further – more and more convincing. It turns out the first
the person who visited this remarkable Tokyo restaurant,
there was a resident of Argentina who was very pleased with the refinement
dishes and high level of service of this unique institution
catering …

In general, the information about the unusual restaurant is increasingly overgrown
juicy details, becoming reliable even for the most
the incorrigible Thomas the unbeliever. Still, skeptics from journalists
not everyone believed in this “truth”, but because some of them started,
as they say among these brethren, dig. And soon something
dug up …

Как fake news is born

It turns out, the news about the restaurant for cannibals “Edible Brother”
appeared July 12, 2016 in a satirical spanish magazine
publisher La Voz Popular. The fabricated story was followed
even photographs of the details of the piquant establishment of Tokyo and many
other fake items used by journalists
most media, for example, April 1 – World Laughter Day. BUT
here a satirical magazine joked … in the summer, somehow so

As it turned out, in Japan there is not only a restaurant for cannibals,
but also the law permitting cannibalism, not to mention others
cannibalistic practices mentioned here. In the embassies of Japan
(not in the very Country of the Rising Sun to go on such nonsense?)
were shocked by this information, calling it completely
absurd. But what is interesting, despite this absurdity, she
just caught on the Internet, successfully moving first to
English-speaking Internet space, and then migrated to
Runet They say that she still could not reach the Japanese Internet:
really, who will spread it in the Country itself
the rising sun? There, another piquant turned out to be more tenacious.
news: the world’s first cannibal restaurant opened in
Berlin …

However, by watching the video below, you will truly remain in deep
doubt that this can not be in “civilized” Europe,
which is becoming increasingly unpredictable in its perverted
views on sex and with growing permissiveness literally
in all. Japan is much more modest in this respect …

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