About the project “Blue Ray” again started talkingThe web

The theme, in general, is not new, but recently
conspiracy theorists increasingly recalled the Bluebeam project
(“Blue Ray”), aimed at establishing the undivided
domination of the world government on earth (the Illuminati).

Recall that the conversation about Bluebeam has been going on since the nineties
last century. Especially great interest in this topic arose after
The release of the book by Norio Nakayava “Big Deception, or the Coming of a New
world order “, in which it was said that the Illuminati in order
create a unified world government with a single army and a single
currency (even a single religion) are ready to run a unique
blue ray illusion project. What is its essence?

The essence of the project “Blue Ray” in the deception of the planetary scale

This is a dramatization of the alien attack on Earth, and
skillful which will be accompanied by colorful artificial
mirages very difficult to distinguish from real events. For example, in
May 2012 in China have already demonstrated in front of huge crowds
people holographic image of HLO, which allegedly flew over the cities –
and the Chinese willingly believed in the reality of this alien ship.
After that, the people of the Middle Kingdom showed also a city in the sky,
also very “real”, which was hard not to believe.

Therefore, to stage the attacks of aliens on Earth
theoretically no problem now. Moreover,
according to conspiracy therapists, one of the components of the project
Bluebeam is a HAARP technology created to achieve
effect of mythical and religious prophetic predictions. Thanks
her people can see in the sky any biblical miracles, signs, and
also their favorite saints and divine personalities, say Jesus
Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and so on. Thanks всему этому
masses of people are easily misled and driven into that world order
who plans the world elite.

Due to the fact that recently too often
appear UFOs, stories about the abduction of people and animals by aliens,
even about theft from aliens water, land and other
resources of our planet, conspiracy therapists warn with concern
earthlings that all this can be a preparation for the launch of the project “Blue
Ray”. Not by chance, and about the capture of newcomers of our planet in the media all
more and more often, information began to slip, for example, about the appearance
in the solar system some kind of armada of ships and so on. And NASA,
for example, it does not even refute …

Project Bluebeam and Russia

What opposes the world elite today, and therefore the project
Bluebeam? Only Russia, which by some miracle managed
break free from the hard clutches of the West and is now building its own
policy, including in relation to the aliens. Not by chance
Some ufologists and conspiracy therapists believe that they stand behind Russia
light forces (light aliens) that do not allow the world
elite to seize power on Earth and thus doom our civilization
for destruction.

Like it or not – we are not given to know, however, as advised
knowledgeable people if you hear tomorrow that we were attacked
aliens, and not only hear, but also see it, do not believe
your eyes and ears and do not fall for the entreaties of the military right there
run to hide in concentration camps. This is first
concerns Americans for whom dozens have already been prepared
millions of places in the FEMA camps, like millions of plastic coffins
(for the most objectionable) …

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