About the tiny anomalous lake in Yakutia

Near the Russian city of Olekminsk in Yakutia there is quite
a small lake that the locals call Devil
With an eye.

Round pond with steep shores, fully justifying its
name, it is just a few meters from the Lena River and
has a diameter of not more than 30 meters. The lake and its surroundings
considered anomalous zone. It is possible that the occurrence
Devil’s Eye is associated with a meteorite or another
space object.

In Yakutia, of course, there are a huge number of lakes, however
this body of water stands out among them. He reminds
a funnel filled with water from the explosion of a huge artillery
projectile. So says a native of Olekminsk Pavel Serkin,
through the efforts of whom we learned about the Devil’s Eye not only outside
cities, but also outside the republic. Domestic researchers
supernatural phenomena have proved very interested in this
anomalous zone.

As a child, Paul often heard from adults that the lake
is an unclean place. In the Devil’s Eye, no one sank, and
there were no mermaids with water ones either, but each
the summer, in the end of July and the beginning of August, invariably in the sky above the reservoir
there was a mysterious glow. People whispered that at this time our
the planet falls into a certain part of space, and a deep lake in
form of the tube begins to send signals outside the Earth. These signals
reflected in the evenings in cumulus clouds with blurred lightning. From here
they say, and strange lightning in the sky.

What could it be at the bottom of the lake?

In 1947, while still a boy, Serkin went to the lake with
aim to fish a net. He launched the boat and swam to
the middle of the Devil’s Eye, pulling the net behind you. Suddenly the ship to
the stern of which was tied one end of the gear, stopped, and
the net abruptly went down with floats. The young fisherman quickly untied her from
boats and headed for the shore. On the peg driven into the ground where he was
attached to the other end of the network, it was cut off. What power
could drag her to the bottom? Nobody, by the way, even knew what
the exact depth of this reservoir, and does not know so far. Any rope
with the cargo goes under the water endlessly, as if there is a kilometer of depth
or even more.

The coast of the Devil’s Eye significantly decreases every year, which
evidence of the following: the lake is young. Paul accomplished
calculations and was surprised to find that the reservoir could well
formed only in 1908, when in Siberia there was a fall
famous Tunguska meteorite. This guess is confirmed by
the fact that the Devil’s Eye lies at the same northern latitude, where
there was an explosion from the Tunguska cosmic body. Distance between
these two points is about 1500 kilometers, however for
a huge meteorite that could split in the atmosphere on
many parts (if you agree with the theory of some independent
researchers that the car was shot down by aliens as well as in
the case of the Chelyabinsk meteorite of 2013), you see, it’s not
so much.

Later Serkin found out: some researchers of the Tunguska explosion
deny that in the area of ​​the Podkamennaya Tunguska river it fell once
meteorite. These experts believe that in fact there could
to happen the wreck of a spacecraft representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization. This means that at the bottom of the Devil’s Eye, under the thick
a layer of silt, a piece of alien aircraft can rest
or even a whole “flying saucer” with dead aliens or even
still operating biological robots inside.

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