Above Baltimore captured striking�Alien lights

April 16 this year over the American city of Baltimore in
the state of Maryland observed a striking phenomenon that still
stirs the minds of eyewitnesses and regulars on the Internet.

Locals noticed at night dozens of large lights that
made various pirouettes in the sky, just like living
creatures or aeronautical vehicles. Naturally many
the witnesses did not fail to capture this anomaly on their cameras
smartphones. By turning on the video below, you can
see this incredible “heavenly dance” of unidentified flying
objects with my own eyes.

«Призрачные», или �Alien lights, как их прозвали
astonished Baltimoreans, quickly caught the attention of specialists,
media staff and World Wide Web users. Ufologists,
naturally assume that the mysterious frames depicted
activities of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Skeptics
They say that we are talking about lit seagulls,
searchlight beams, lights from a nearby bay or something
similar, quite natural.

Here is what one of the eyewitnesses says:

These were white round lights of impressive diameter. Mysterious
objects had a random position in the sky, they quickly changed
direction of movement and behaved directly like animated creatures. I
counted more than 30 such UFOs in the sky. I живу в Балтиморе уже многие
years and have never seen anything like it before. There were so many
and they looked like some kind of ghost. That was very
surreal spectacle that I hardly ever forget.

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