Above Odessa noticed a giant eye inthe sky

Ukrainian artist Olga Yarovaya photographed a couple of days
ago the sky over the sea in Odessa and received a very unexpected shot.
The picture shows an incomprehensible anomaly in the clouds,
suspiciously like a giant human eye.

The girl talks about it with undisguised delight:

It rained that day, and it seemed as though
�The “seeing eye” above the water cries. I still thought: quite possibly
all this just seems to me like an imaginative artist
see this world a little differently than other people, but look
in the photo – the lens of my camera noticed the same thing, although not
possesses neither imagination nor even consciousness. Or all the same
possesses? .. Surprised by the resulting image, Ukrainian laid out
mysterious photo in the social network Facebook, sharing with multimillion
аудиторией Сети обнаруженным в the sky чудом.

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