Above South Korea, a very similar creature was shot.on an angel

A mysterious creature in the sky accidentally shot one of the tourists
visiting the famous South Korean village of Yangdong (Yangdong), which
included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as it is
a good example of the glorious traditions of one of the great dynasties
of this country is Choson.

Of course, the famous village is no different than a visit to a UFO,
nor the more the appearance here of any cryptids or mystical
flying lizards. The operator, as they say, just filmed the sky above
Yangdong village (or even accidentally raised the camera up), when suddenly in
frame got a strange and foggy creature that many
Internet users have dubbed the angel.

There is one more, no less fantastic explanation for this phenomenon.
– in the sky “fluttered” one of the clouds, which are proven
some researchers also possess reason and huge
opportunities to transform into any shape. It is even possible that
clouds form a kind of aerial civilization, incomprehensible to us, however
with which we, one way or another, come into contact, and very tightly.
So tightly that people from time immemorial deified clouds and even
these days often come across their rational activities. More
Moreover, clouds sometimes help individuals, even ingrained
materialists, not to mention the small mountain peoples who
perceive such assistance, communication with the clouds as of itself
for granted …

In any case, Internet users write on
the bird is not very similar, and then – what is it?

Naturally, a normal person of any winged creatures in the sky
perceives or as birds, or as angels. In this case –
загадочный объект больше поход on an angel, конечно. Although theory
intelligent clouds, we think, explains such mystical
phenomena are much more reliable, even if it is still sinning
paranormalism …

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