Above the Earth more and more began to appearrectangular, triangular and other non-standard clouds

Independent researchers argue that rectangular and other
unusual from the point of view of natural formations of steel clouds
appearing in the sky of the Earth since about 2008 (earlier
could not be traced). And the farther from this “starting point”, the
increasingly, people have been photographing or filming (and still filming) on
video these cloud wonders.

The striking “heavenly structure” captured over the South

Another striking anomaly was discovered by witnesses in
the atmosphere of our planet just the other day. West County Residents
On July 3, Sussex in the south of England noticed a huge “structure” in the sky,
similar to a disc inscribed in a circle.

What is it and why is this happening:

  • Someone claims that this phenomenon suspiciously reminds
    a planet surrounded by a ring, that is, it is something cosmic;
  • according to others, the phenomenon looked like a tentacle
    giant monster – mitica and only;
  • the third speak about aliens, they say, it’s their devices that leave
    such traces, say, when a ship is disguised as clouds;
  • fourths think of climate weapons and their consequences,
    and strange cloud formations are supposedly indicators of use
    geo-engineering products;
  • the fifth gossip about a religious sign.

In short, the witnesses and users of the World Wide Web
put forward a great many all kinds of theories.

Some Englishmen who saw the incredible anomaly in their
eyes, claim to have experienced an inexplicable feeling
alarms, as if someone was watching them down. Such
irrational fear, according to ufologists, appears to earthlings,
when aircraft of extraterrestrial representatives hang over the planet

Skeptics, of course, in the like and other supernatural
they do not believe, considering that human impressionability is to blame
в небе над Южной England, дескать, наблюдалось некое причудливое
atmospheric phenomenon. Alas, the materialists cannot explain
what caused this phenomenon and why it began to appear only in
our century.

Let’s try to figure out where the nonstandard clouds come from

If you wish, you can now collect hundreds of photos on the Internet
and dozens of videos on this subject, however mysterious clouds,
as seen by the reaction of both operators and commentators, not only
Surprise with its shape, and sometimes colors, in the first place
scare people because in all of this there is something artificial and
sinister. And, most importantly, no one really knows what it is, what
Neither scientists, nor ufologists, nor omnipresent conspiracy therapists. Until
only theories and assumptions.

For example, one of the numerous researcher “square”
clouds, someone Mark Steer, who has devoted several years to this topic,
believes that this is a product of geoengineering. He built his conclusion on
studying many NASA images, where you can see that
similar cloud structures consist of foggy threads. Thats
there is all this, writes Mark, a kind of carpet from chemiotrass, and themselves
Figured clouds – man-made formations, and the earth

It would be possible to agree with the conclusions of Mark Steer, if strange
the clouds showed only squares and rectangles. How to be
with round clouds seen, say, in Japan before last
year, with triangular, not to mention the more complex shapes? But after all
some invisible cloud still flying over our planet
rectangular shapes that appear only under
certain angles of illumination, such as at sunset or sunrise
the sun.

In addition, highly mysterious “cloud rings” are formed above
the tops of the mountains, so there is another theory – the mountains
work like pyramids, throwing torsion radiation into space,
which in some way affects the clouds (which
again unsolved mystery), turning them into
unnaturally mysterious structures.

In turn, this hypothesis generates another, not less
interesting, namely: the clouds in this case may be affected
and the earth’s energy grid. And if since 2008 began to appear
in the sky are square and other non-standard cloud formations,
it turns out that it is from this period that the energy
the structure of our planet (the magnetic field has changed – and clouds, like
metal filings in the force field of the magnet, began to be built

It remains to find out what has changed the power grid of the Earth.
It looks like it is really coming, as many say
researchers, changing its poles, but today we are talking for now
only about the weirdness of the clouds, apparently caused by this shift. And although
We will not be able to put an end to this question, some conclusions can be
do: clouds are to some extent indicators of what
going on with our planet. And if they behave very mysteriously
(and even scary), it means big changes are coming. Will wait…

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