Above the volcano Popocatepetl in Mexico soarsUFO

A video about the volcano appeared on Facebook
Popocatepetl (“Smoking Hill”), which is in Mexico, with
парящим над ним UFO. This fire-breathing monster is famous for
that aliens are constantly seen above him. Not
they leave it in the current year.

This is how a famous Taiwanese video commented.
ufologist scott waring:

Меня всегда поражают размеры UFO, которые появляются над жерлом
this volcano of mexico, note that today’s apparatus,
that whirling above its tip is approximately 30
percent of the vent, whose diameter is about 600 meters. Means
январский UFO Попокатепетля не меньше 150 метров в длину. I have long
He said that under the volcano, the aliens have an underground base, and
the mouth for them is an excellent entrance to which none of the earthlings simply
Turns around: safe, secure and convenient.

Добавим от себя, что UFO над вулканом «Дымящийся холм» наблюдали
and during lava eruptions (volcanic monitoring
unidentified flying objects), and at that time the vehicles
aliens also flew easily and flew into the mouth, so Scott
Waring the rights for one hundred percent – the best place to stay with such
high tech and hard to come up with.

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