Above Tyumen photographed doublethe sun

Witness published in the popular social network “VKontakte”
photo of an amazing atmospheric phenomenon. Snapshot showing
привычное нам the sun над горизонтом, однако возле него оказалось
one more light.

Это двойное the sun, переливающееся радугой и окруженное
mysterious halo, a witness impressed some mystical thrill.
Runet users were very interested in the image and
began to build various theories about the nature of this
a phenomenon.

The author of the photo itself failed to find a rational incident.
explanations, so I asked for help from the regulars of the World
spider webs Some commentators thought that this is the machinations.
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Others decided it was
about religious sign from above. According to third, strange celestial
a phenomenon foreshadows some major cosmic distress. Fourth
altogether claim that climatic weapons are to blame
the americans. Say, the so-called station for the study of the ionosphere
�HAARP in Alaska performs completely different tasks, and all about it

However, in fact, the explanation of the anomaly turned out to be quite
simple It turned out that this parghelia is one of the varieties
halo, looking like a glowing spot near the sun. This phenomenon
according to experts, arises due to the refraction of solar
light in ice crystals that hover in the atmosphere. Similar
effect – parselenu – can be observed at night around the moon, if in
In the air, again, there is similar frozen moisture. So nothing
supernatural in this picture is not fixed, and excessively
impressionable users can calmly breathe.

Other things and in the most seemingly ordinary natural phenomena like
say the wise, have their own pattern, hint, or even
hidden secret. No wonder that in Russian there is such
subtle-witty saying: if the wind blows in your back,
think – are you going there? ..

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