�”Accidental” car accident suddenly … savedhuman life

The other day we wrote about fatal deaths that
seem to be ridiculous insulting, that is, from the point of human logic
these misfortunes could easily have been avoided, show unhappy more
care and caution. But … as if the person was already prepared for
death, and the most ridiculous, moreover, to avoid it was, according to
apparently, simply impossible.

But after all, in life is full and reverse examples, when a person is
parameters must die, and it is saved by a “ridiculous” accident,
and sometimes an accident that at first glance seems even
a disaster. This is exactly what happened to the 30-year-old American Lauren.

To begin with, at some point this one
a young woman, a mother of two young children, started nervous
seizures, and for no apparent reason. All this is not uncommon
accompanied by dizziness and severe headaches. Doctors
determined the patient’s depression and prescribed a bunch of it
antidepressants that Loren, like a law abiding American,
who faithfully believed in the medicine of her country, conscientiously drank, although
for some reason they did not help her at all.

And then Neville suddenly … gets into an accident, crashing into his car
into a tree. And in this case only the car suffered
since Lauren was driving at that moment was not very fast. However,
doctors, suspecting a woman internal brain injury, made her an MRI
heads and … found the cause of all her ailments of the last two years
– swelling with a golf ball.

Despite the fact that the brain tumor was malignant
(glioblastoma), a car accident happened just in time,
that is, Lauren Neville would soon miss a chance for
successful operation. Currently she has a tumor removed and she is already
passed the rehabilitation course of treatment. According to doctors,
nothing threatens a woman, but be late for at least a few
months …

… And then her two kids would be left without a mother. And today, Loren
Neville is very happy that God kept her alive, although
At the first moment after the accident she also thought what had happened to her.
misfortune. But it turned out – good luck. Yes, what!

Apparently, the time had not yet come for her to go to another world. And the head
the tumor was given, one must understand, in order to gain some experience,
for understanding something more important, for example, for changing
Neville’s usual perception of reality, which
called – prosperous American life …

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