Acrobat Stephanie Millinger and the Bear

Famous Australian acrobat Stephanie Millinger prepared
for Internet users a wonderful session for the New Year, where
she demonstrates not only her incomprehensible to the common man
body flexibility, but also an even more fantastic feature –
true friendship and partnership in their acrobatic practice with
wild brown bear.

New Year’s photo session Millinger and a brown bear

Photos and videos about this New Year’s session, which
made by the brave press photographer Olga Barantseva from Moscow,
we suggest you look in this article. Note,
how Stephanie Millinger works easily and naturally with a predator,
who not only obeys her, but seems to himself admire the young and
matchless athlete – just loves her.

According to Olga Barantseva, the bear is surprisingly all
photographers, turned out to be not at all aggressive, but very kind and sweet.
He not only performed acrobatic with Stephanie with pleasure
the numbers (played up to her), but with no less excitement, he drank berries,
proposed to him by his girlfriend, making the shooting fun and
funny. And although the participants in this session are cautious at first
filmed a wild bear, in the end all their fears and doubts, like
it is said, just vanished, leaving a sense of the present
holiday – the upcoming New Year.

Note that for Olga – this is not the first such photo session, she
Often works with wild animals, among which were already
bears, and ostriches, and snakes, and even crocodiles. Brave
photojournalist always remained faithful to his main task –
make a unique and impressive photo session, no matter what

Something like acrobat Stephanie Millinger

Stefanie Millinger was born and still lives in the city.
Salzburg (Austria). Glory to her came after she became
the finalist of the German show “we are looking for talents” – “Das Supertalent”.
In order to achieve their fantastic results, the girl
you have to train for 7 hours every day, and almost
no weekends and holidays. Not done here, of course, without
natural talents, incomprehensible flexibility of this young person and her
more incomprehensible persistence in achieving the goal.

Perhaps this is what allowed Stephanie Millinger to even teach
wild bear, who willingly became her friend and partner in
demonstration of acrobatic tricks.

Add to this: in Instagram on the page of Stefanie Millinger
almost 17 thousand people have already signed up, and this list is every day
increases. Very conducive to this, not only, of course,
great talent of the girl, but also her natural charm. Today’s
New Year’s session also contributed to this undisputed

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