Activities living in the closet poltergeistcaptured on camera

A resident of the United Kingdom who is the father of three children
claims that the real bedroom lives in the closet of his matrimonial bedroom
poltergeist. Invisible comes from the subtle world has the property
scatter clothes in his cramped shelter, open the doors and
pounding from the inside at night. Not so long ago, the father of the family was
in the evening in the bedroom with my wife and little daughter when
the annoying ghost again began to play pranks in the wardrobe.

This time our hero managed to grab your mobile phone and
to imprint on him paranormal activity. Turning on
the video below, you can see how the doors
the cabinet spontaneously moving as if someone pushed them with that
parties. Briton opens wardrobe, turns on the light, but inside
nobody turns out. At least no one material
could be seen with the naked eye or photographed on the ordinary
the camera. One can only guess and wonder how such a neighborhood is not
scared of this family.

Or maybe scared? Or is it all just a hoax for fun?
On this account the opinions of Internet users are divided.
However, some believe that a poltergeist is not such a rare
phenomenon, and many people get along well with this ghostly
neighborhood, calling it differently, who is a home ghost, who
brownie. They get along because it’s harder to get rid of
make friends with him. And making friends, you can get hold of the house
unsurpassed defender from the troubles and any misfortune. For example,
try to rob such an apartment …

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