Adam Rainer is a dwarf and giant in onethe face

It is well known that in our world there are people who suffer
gigantism or life-long dwarfs. Both,
I suppose it’s not pleasant for a person, although a small height
allows its carrier to live long and without any problems with
health that can not be said about the giants.

However, few people know that in the history of mankind among rare
giants listed Austrian named Adam Reiner who was
карликом и великаном в одном the face. How is this possible?

Adam was born in 1899 to a married couple who was herself
common in terms of human growth. However, and their son at the beginning
no different from other children. However closer to the teen
age, it became clear that Adam is lagging behind his peers in
physical development, since at the age of 15 he had only 130
centimeters. Even at 19, the young man did not exceed 142 centimeters,
why he was not taken to the army, despite all the patriotic
Adam Rainer’s attempts to volunteer to participate in
World War I. He was a real dwarf, unsuitable for
military service …

And only in 26 years, Adam suddenly began to grow. At first it was
perceived by him and his relatives with joy (especially when
the man reached a height of 180 cm), but soon the joy changed
concern. At thirty, Adam Reiner was already tall at 218
centimeters and, unfortunately, everything continued to drag up. Exactly
then the doctors seriously examined him and found him in his head
(near the pituitary gland) tumor, which, apparently, and stimulated
hormone gigantism. However, doctors have not managed
determine the reason why Adam was first a dwarf …

The tumor from the giant’s head was removed, making Rainer
did not grow so fast, although he continued to add
centimeter by centimeter. Because of this, he began serious
health problems. So, the curvature of the spine, in the final
account, chained the man to the bed, he soon became deaf in one ear and
blind in one eye …

In 1950, when the Austrian giant passed away, his height
was already 234 centimeters. After Rainer’s death, they cremated
However, the burial place of the dust of this unusual kind
of a person somehow got lost, making modern medicine
can’t even try to figure out exactly what this unique man suffered,
both visited the dwarf’s skin, and as a giant …

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