Africa is the oldest continent of witchcraft andof magic

Africa is considered to be the place where the world’s population came from, that is
it was here, according to academic science, that the
humanity, then settled on all continents. And although it
far from the indisputable truth, but the African continent certainly
can be considered the ancestral home of witchcraft. Moreover, the Black Continent
still famous for spellcasters and sorcerers, demons and
jinami …

For example, here and today the premature death of a person
considered the result of witchcraft, and the twins – the soul, split
in two (natro and so on), so individual tribes try
immediately correct this “mistake of nature”, that is, kill such
babies. It is in Africa that the most terrible witchcraft is spread.
Voodoo, it is here that with the help of his deceased person can
�“Resurrect”, make zombies and send as unquestioning
slave on the plantation …

Witchcraft kills

So killing with witchcraft. It is practiced on Black.
continent to this day, although the most common
practice was in the old days. For example, at the beginning of the last century
the commander of the region in Nigeria, Sir H. Palmer described quite
remarkable case. Once he learned that in the Ibi area a young
the native of the Dzhukun tribe faces death as he claims to
the role of the leader despite the wishes of the sorcerers. Palmer took the young one
African with me as a servant. But some time passed, and his
A new assistant was intending to return to Ibi. However during
farewell to the guy had a fit, and he died suddenly.

The doctor E. Digby did an autopsy at the request of Palmer, but not
found in the young natives no pathology that could
lead to such a dismal end, why the commander did
the conclusion that his servant was killed by witchcraft.

In our time, the local evil wizards of Africa have long been able to
curb, but their black craft continues to live, even if not in
on such a scale, and ritual killings are practiced
everywhere. For example, police officer M.Staaten from Basutoland,
who has investigated such atrocities, even describes
mysterious means “mayme”: he was mixed in food or drink
to the victim, after which the doomed obediently went “to the scaffold” – without
the slightest resistance.

Suicide through witchcraft

In Africa, the local population does not use suicide in that
understanding how civilized Europe or America. However the natives
can easily summon death with special spells.
Evidence is more than enough.

So, the Englishman S. Gordon drove several boats up the
Nilu to Khartoum with the help of the Kru tribe. Natives worked on
fame, until not longed for their native places. Then they are together
light on the bottom of the boat and told Gordon that they were going home. AND
soon died. One and all …

Another no less remarkable case is Sir.
H. Bell, who fought cannibalism in northern Nigeria. Him
The corps captured 40 cannibals that were put in Minna prison.
AND вот тут началось что-то невероятное: каждый день один из пленных
was dying. As the prison doctor established, he went to the forefathers by
own free will. Bella after such a “medical report”
just had to free the remaining natives and send them

Power over animals

On the African continent you can still meet
spellcasters who have power over wild animals. So in
West African old-timers talk about an amazing priest
named “Ju-Ju” from Cross River, which with the help of reed
flutes lured hippos out of the marshes, and they obeyed him,
like domestic dogs, although the native did not even feed them.

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