After 3 years, the Earth expects climaticApocalypse

The authoritative Swiss scientist Reto Knutti delivered a report
in which he stated that irreversible climate change on our
the planet is already underway. According to the researcher,
mankind has only 3 years of more or less comfortable life,
which we should enjoy before the earth’s climate
undergo a catastrophic change.

Tornadoes in America, hurricanes and frosts in Russia, intense
hail in Turkey, flooding in China, South Africa, Uruguay and Bangladesh – for
only one outgoing summer was observed on our “blue ball”
more climatic anomalies than in many previous years. The bad
the weather has taken hundreds of lives in recent months, and further, like
says the expert will only get worse. Very soon us
will have to painfully adapt to new climatic conditions,
and victims of natural disasters will be much more.

Reto Knutti is a world-known climatologist. He is known for his
numerous studies related to building
climate models and global weather forecasting
changes. Professor of climate physics predicted almost everything
natural disasters that have befallen humanity in this
year Such insight is truly terrifying because now
There is every reason to believe that by 2020 our planet will be
don’t find out.

The following words of the researcher are quite scary:

All my reports try to carefully hide from
the public. The powers that be believe they can control
weather conditions that in the event of a catastrophe they will manage to sit out in
the comfort of their bunkers. They don’t care about the rest of humanity, and
this is understandable, but they are very mistaken, thinking that such
disasters will not touch them. When this world tragedy begins, it
will not end on its own, at least very
for a long time, amounting to thousands of years, and going out
shelters of the world elite anyway sooner or later
have to.

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