After a decade of hunting in Australia caughtlegendary crocodile

The giant combed crocodile was finally caught in one of
rivers of Northern Australia after 10 years of unsuccessful hunting for this
monster. 5-meter beast whose weight exceeds 600
kilograms, captured near the city of Katherine experienced rangers.

Some Australian journalists report that this is the most
the largest crocodile ever trapped. Predator was
transported to a special farm where it will be kept
together with their relatives to the end of life.

Reptile age is estimated at about 60 years. Since 2008
for years the locals were in awe of this monster because
attacked livestock and even attempted on people. Fortunately for
all this time there were no human victims. However,
Aussies managed to compose a lot about a ferocious predator
urban legends.

One of them said that it was a mutant with “armored” skin,
which it is impossible to penetrate a shot, even from large-caliber
rifles. But to catch him is a completely false idea, the second specified
legend, since the reptile is so clever and cunning, possessing
excellent intuition that it is simply impossible to trap it.

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